The making of an IoT project

IoT projects are hard because they are made up from hardware, firmware, communication and useful functions for the users.

Not only cloud

We know logic and useful functions cannot just “live in the cloud”. They should be implemented “on the field”, near to whatever relevant is happening out there.

On the field

to benefit from real-time high frequency data
to reduce action latency and bandwidth consumption
to make the data actionable even if the connection is discontinuous

Continuous integration

Maintaining and changing useful functions while they live on the field, raises important issues:
– what happens if the device won’t reboot?
– what happens if firmware is corrupted during transfer?

Ultimately we know that an IoT project will stuck against firmware issues as soon as it matures
from a prototype to a critical application and … putting it on the cloud won’t just be enough.

Impact of device communication and management